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Uurtje Oost

Een paar keer per maand opent Theater a/d Rijn haar deuren voor jonge makers met bruisende ideeën, prangende vragen en artistieke onderzoeken. Uurtje Oost is gratis toegankelijk, maar reserveer wel je ticket!

Tijdens Uurtje Oost is de bar niet geopend.

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Uurtje Oost: Paulina Vogel – Don’t know if I want a girlfriend or if, I want to be the girlfriend

‘My work will always somehow give a glimpse towards my utopia of a decolonized non-western queer ecology. There are many aspects and many layers in the construction of this utopia. It forms itself with new and fresh ways to see our world and interact with our surroundings. It is closely related with the way we see ourselves and others, it proposes an individual internal freedom and at the same time, rescues communal/collective values. It invites us to be open to new possibilities of interaction with time and space.’

This time, in collaboration with Li-Heng Kuo, Paulina investigates the expression of femininity and masculinity within one body. Two bodies in space, construct practices that give the ground to untie the freedom to explore the spectrum of gender identity. As much freedom to identify and to de-identify. We play with stereotypes, we construct and deconstruct our alter egos. What do we find in-between? What are the different physicalities and choreographies to be found within the different shades of gender?

We shape an alternative space where different possibilities can exist and transform. We create a mirror for others to relate or not relate to. We share our struggles. We heal ourselves. We offer it as an act of generosity.

Don’t know if I want a girlfriend or if, I want to be the girlfriend is a work in progress.

Over de makers

Paulina Vogel(she/her) is a contemporary dancer, researcher of movement and somatic practices. For the last nine years, living in the Netherlands, she has developed her artistic career working with different choreographers and participating in collaborations in the field of contemporary dance, improvisation and composition. Among others she has worked with Loïc Perela, Piet Rogie, Giulio D’Anna and Marion Blondeau.
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Deze maand

Zo nauw als deze drie zussen met elkaar verbonden zijn, zo eigenzinnig zijn ze ook. In een poging samen te komen, wordt de afstand voelbaar. Hoe dichtbij is te dichtbij?

Genre: Muziektheater

Korte presentaties na afloop van de residenties van Ludwig Bindervoet en Wensley Piqué

Genre: Work in progress, Theater