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FAQ: your visit to Theater a/d Rijn

FAQ: your visit to Theater a/d Rijn

Are you curious about our measures regarding Covid19? Read more about it in these frequently asked questions. We follow the National guidelines and take more measures if necessary.

Last update: 03-02-2021

Can I visit Theater a/d Rijn?
As for now Theater a/d Rijn is closed because of the national lockdown. Shows are canceled and we are doing our best to postpone them. Did you buy a ticket for one of the cancelled shows? We will send you an email as soon as we have more information regarding new dates or a definite cancellation. 
Can I buy tickets at the door?
It is not possible to buy your tickets at the door. You can purchase them online via If buying tickets online doesn’t work out, please send us an e-mail via

How do you ensure that people keep 1.5 meters distance?
We adjusted our routing so people can keep distance. In several places there are lines on the floor to show how much distance must be kept. In the theatre hall not all chairs are used, so everyone can take a seat with 1.5 meters distance. An audience leader will welcome you and show you your seat. We expanded our terrace so everyone can sit at a table outside, with a cozy but save distance from each other. In bad weather it is possible to sit inside.

 Can I disinfect my hand at Theater a/d Rijn?
Yes. At the entrance of the theatre and in the building itself are several places where you can use disinfectants.

Is the bar open?
No, the bar is closed until further notice.

Is it possible to leave my coat and bag somewhere?
For hygiene reasons the cloackroom will be closed. You can take your coat and bag into the theatre hall.

Can I sit next to my roommate/partner/family?
If you buy more than one ticket in one order you will be seated next to eachother if possible. If you are visiting the theatre with someone whose not in your household you have to buy tickets separately.  

Can I use the toilet?
Of course! We take care of extra cleaning of the toilets and contact surfaces.

I am ill or have complaints that belong to a cold. For this reason I can’t come to the performance. Will I get my money back?
No, we can’t return money. It is possible to rebook your ticket to another date. Please send an e-mail to

I don’t live in Arnhem but I would like to visit a performance at Theater a/d Rijn. Is that possible?
We advise against travelling by public transport. You can come by foot, by bicycle, or by car. You find information about our accessibility here.

Do I need to wear a face mask?
Yes, you must wear a mask inside Theater a/d Rijn. You can take off your mask when you get to your seat.

What hygiene measures do you take to prevent spreading?
We take care of intensive cleaning of contact surfaces, like door handles, stair railings, armrests, toilets, tables / chairs, and elevator buttons. Our staff takes care of their personal hygiene (like washing their hands) and stays at home when they experience health complaints. We make sure our foyer and theatre halls are ventilated correctly. Our catering staff follows the protocols as they are set up for the catering industry.

I want to know more about the measures. Where can I find more information?
We always follow the advice of the RIVM. You can read our protocol on catering and theatre here. If you have specific questions, please contact us via

I want to support the makers. How can I do that?
You can order a ticket and select donation when paying. You can choose the amount of the donation yourself. 100% of the donation goes to the maker(s) of that performance.